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About BoutStix

Florists work hard to create stunning boutonnieres and corsages. So often, the flowers are attached with pins and end up bruised and sad in just a few hours.

Several years ago, I was at a wedding, helping someone with his boutonniere. The pin was so tricky to work with! We wrestled with it, but it was impossible to place it safely without damaging his sleek suit. By the end of the wedding, I spotted the abandoned flower, bruised and sad on a table. It was such a shame. I knew there had to be a better option.

I worked with my sister, an experienced florist and flower shop owner, to come up with a solution. She knew the ins and outs of creating corsages and boutonnieres, and was the perfect person to go to for insight. I wanted something that would keep suits unscathed, and she had the goal of a product that would be easier to use when styling boutonnieres. Enter, BoutStix!

BoutStix is the perfect solution for florists and customers. Our floral magnets are available in every floral supply wholesaler in North America and online through our store and Amazon.

Nancy Yowney
Founder of BoutStix

Where to Buy BoutStix™
Are you a florist looking to purchase BoutStix™? BoutStix™ can be purchased through your local floral shop wholesaler, on our website, and are available to purchase in smaller quantities on Amazon.
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